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Together since 1992 brothers Steve and Jon Rodgers have written hundreds of songs and have played 2000+ shows – Mighty Purple has 8 full length albums out, Steve and Jon have two solo albums each. ::MORE::


Cindertalk is the stage and studio monicker for multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Jonny Rodgers, and the ever-changing group of musicians who join him for performances and recordings.

In addition to touring and recording his songs based around tuned wine glasses, guitar, and electronics, Jonny is also a composer and producer, writing chamber, orchestral and choral music for concert and film. ::MORE::


They were a part of the Earth since the Earth was Earth, when it had less girth but was full of mirth. They were the product of an eruption of great force, sent from the depths of the Earth’s core to appease those that inhabit its surface, and to conquer their arts. They create music of vastly diverse influence, an amalgam of serene beauty and jazzy tranquility delivered with propulsive energy and sonic creativity. Their music is as excruciatingly difficult to adequately describe as it is pleasurably satisfying to experience; they are a self-contained zeitgeist. They are Rane. :: MORE ::

SIMON KIRKE (Of Bad Company)

Simon Kirke (of Free, Bad Company)
Having spent over four decades kicking out the jams with the likes of English blues rockers Free (“All Right Now,” “Wishing Well”) and their hard rock successors Bad Company (“Feel Like Makin’ Love,” “Can’t Get Enough,” “Shooting Star”), Simon Kirke is stepping out from behind the skins for his first proper studio album, the straightforward and polished Filling the Void.:: MORE ::


After playing in several local garage bands, at age 15, I started the band Renata with my still current guitarist and key collaborator Mike Nadeau. As Renata, we released three albums independently, won a bunch of awards in the great state of Connecticut and got some songs placed on MTV, VH1 and WB. We toured across the US, opening for bands such as Avril Lavigne, Howie Day and Lifehouse. Years later I signed a super fancy publishing deal and in 2007 formed the band The Last Goodnight, which released one album for Virgin Records / Capitol Music Group. We found the most success with our singles “Pictures of You” and “Stay Beautiful” and got the chance to tour the world, sharing the stage with tons of amazing artists and meeting tons of incredible, inspiring people.:: MORE ::

SEAN KELLY (Of The Samples)

They started life as a major label band, but when they found that the industry wasn’t hep to their jive, they threw off the shackles of the majors and…went indie. They toured the world and elsewhere and found that their true calling was…the call of the road. With the wind at their back, they built a reputation…one which still stands today…as one of the best live bands of all time. They are…THE SAMPLES! :: MORE ::

JENNIFER HARTSWICK (Of The Trey Anastasio Band)

The Jennifer Hartswick band is an ever changing musical organism governed by the musical intuition of the native Vermonter for which the band is named. Equally at home singing love ballads, heavy rock, or gospel and blues, Hartswick’s talent as a vocalist, trumpeter, composer and producer have won her a loyal fanbase. Hartswick surrounds herself with musicians of the highest calibre no matter what genre she is performing in, and every performance is a celebration of the joy of making music. :: MORE ::


With members from a wide array of backgrounds, the Mike Greca Band fuses elements of rock, jazz, country & pop to express deeply felt lyrically-oriented songs.  Each member is rooted in a rich and unique background which, when meshed, creates a syncronicity that is much sought-after in today’s music world.  Above all, the music of this new and vibrant collective is designed to draw the listener to its sound: fresh, yet familiar. :: MORE ::


Rex Fowler from Pittsfield, Maine and Neal Shulman of New York City met one “open mike” night at a Boston folk club in the spring of 1971. Each impressed by the other’s talents, they joined forces and Aztec Two-Step (named for a line from “A Coney Island of the Mind” by Beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti) was born. Just one year later, signed by Elektra Records, Neal and Rex were in Los Angeles putting the final touches on their debut album, Aztec Two-Step. Quickly becoming a staple of FM and college radio the album remained in print for fifteen years and was the foundation for a performing and recording career that continues to the present day. In 1992, Aztec Two-Step was re-released by ERA Records. :: MORE ::


Columbia Fields is an “Indie Rock Ass-Kicking Machine!” said the Hartford Advocate. Having played for thousands of fans in the northeast it is no doubt this band is headed for a long career of rock hits in the music industry. Their unique, powerfully emotional rock has garnered thousands of fans, consistent booking, and increased radio play. ::MORE::


Bill Carleton comes from a musically gifted family – a music scholarship/endowment at Colgate University is named for his aunt and muse, the late Mary Kate Carleton. But it wasn’t until Carleton’s college days at the University of Delaware that he began writing and performing. Upon returning to Connecticut, Bill began playing endless open mics and taking whatever steps were necessary to have his music heard, which has now led to well-received performances at venues such as Toads Place, Iron Horse Music Hall and The Bitter End having supported acts such as Ari Hest, The Last Goodnight, Toby Lightman and The Alternate Routes. ::MORE::


New England –based singer/songwriter Brian Jarvis releases his first full length album in over 4 years. Due out in February 2012 under the indie label Soundwave, “Beautifully Broken” tackles a 2 year period of Brian’s life that included losing his father to cancer, quitting his day job to pursue music full time and personal struggles. “Beautifully Broken” was recorded in New Haven, CT at Sunset Goose Studios (a division of Soundwave), under the guidance of long time Pat Mcgee Band guitarist-turned-producer Brian Fechino. The record features a wide variety of melodic, hooky guitar driven songs including one that was written within 24 hours of Brian’s fathers sudden passing. ::MORE::


Dave Cain knows more styles than your grandmother’s hairdresser. Bank on that. He took the stage at almost 11PM for the first song of what would be almost three hours of continuous but constantly evolving music. Musicians can envy Cain’s ability to appeal to fans at an alternative rock venue, a jazz club, a jam band festival, a folk music coffeehouse, or a high school prom. The way he switches from one genre to the next will make you feel like you’re walking through your favorite record store. :: MORE ::